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"The best and most beautiful things in
the world cannot
be seen or even touched. They must
be felt with the heart."
- Helen Keller -

Fall 2008

Hi! Welcome back! Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read my news! Hopefully you are relaxing with a cup of coffee while catching up with Equilibrium Design. I am really excited about what I have to share with you this fall.

I have always had a sense of what is today called my carbon footprint, and how what I do impacts my environment.

I was one of those as a young teen who spoke out to friends who littered. I even remember using cotton totes for shopping when I lived on my own. Carob, almond butter and all natural drinks were in my pantry too. Ahead of the curve and totally unaware!

But really, among the various books I read this summer, none had the impact that Sophie Uliano’s Gorgeously Green had. I had a small collection of eco-conscious reading material on my bookshelf but none of them made it seem more user friendly than Sophie’s book. She helped me see, with humor and logic, how much of a difference I really can make. And also how I can work harder to enlighten and protect my children for their future.

Her compilation of reference web sites was vast and extremely useful. I have included some here in my newsletter. I think we can all do our part without totally changing our lives and make a big difference.

If you aren’t recycling,please start consciously today. I have also stopped using single use shopping bags, my van is full of various sizes of reusable shopping bags so I’m always ready. All the light bulbs that I can change to compact fluorescents I have. One of my other favorite efforts is shopping every weekend at the growers’ market for fresh produce, organic poultry, cheeses and dairy that are all locally grown, sustainable products. It’s wonderful to have fresh, locally grown food to feed my family.

That’s not all you can do. Check out the sites listed below and find out what’s going on. Be proactive for yourself, your community and your family! That’s the bottom line!


Creatively yours,


Plaids, ruffles and tons of shine as in leather, pleather and satins. Textures are big with weaves, mesh and patterned hosiery. Hot Colors: Purples, greens and any jewel tone. Try a pair of booties with patterned opaques and a great pencil skirt with satin ruffle top. Add a big pendant. I hate to say that Members Only jackets have been spotted at the department stores. But I’m happy to say I’ve also spotted Bomber jackets and man inspired vests and I do love the new messenger bag cross body totes.

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The look is so fresh and clean in the design magazines this season. Blues are everywhere, in the paint color, fabrics, décor, paired with lots of shine. You’ll also find beautiful silk fabrics, rich textures on walls and within fabric and metals too. It has a very 70’s feel. My favorite retro look is the Flokati rug, what we called shag has a new updated appeal! Love it! Try one in a bath or guestroom if not so brave, especially if you have pets! Greens of all shades are the new neutrals as it pairs well with almost everything, deep reds, browns, blues, naturals! Fall is fast approaching and it’s time to warm up the interior. Try lots of plush pillows on your sofa and bed for snuggling, nice in furs and silks. I still love candles but the flameless are a good choice these days. Not only do they not burn sulfur but there are no worries with forgetting them. I love what I’m seeing this season!

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The garage has taken a backseat to leisure activities this summer. It’s certainly become a catchall at my house. Now that the temperatures have become milder I’m getting out there with my family to purge and reorganize. Contact Purple Heart to take old bikes, sports equipment and garden tools that you have multiples of. Then pitch in with neighbors and pay to have the oversized "junk" picked up. Give it a good cleaning out. If you have extra cash lying around after gassing up your SUV you can go the extra mile, so to speak, and have a garage finishing company come out to install a few storage compartments and maybe even a durable flooring. Not necessary though to have an organized space to house your vehicle for the winter. The car does need to fit into the garage! As much as we’d like to deny it, the snow is coming so get busy!

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Also, thank you to all of my family, friends, associates and clients for your support and positive feedback helping me to realize every day that I am going in the right direction as I serve my clients and grow my business!

The Bates Motel, Glen Mills, PA
Apple Picking at Linvilla Orchards
Garage clean out (I must be feeling guilty!)
Biking to enjoy the fall foliage: try Valley Forge National Park or Route 29 along the Delaware on the Jersey side
Canoeing on the Brandywine
eco-friendly products
buying locally grown foods
Zumba class
Kettle Bells
Jack Johnson CD’s
flameless scented candles
the historical race for the presidency! Get out there and Vote!

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Life Coaching for Moms with bus stop aged kids...and beyond

Great informational link for moms to chat with each other on just about anything

Chock full of style and beauty to help moms be their best.

Link to Sophie Uliano's great eco-friendly book.

Fun, creative and Hollywood's fav trend jewelry.

Probably the best haunted mansion on the east coast!

Reusable shopping bags that you can carry with you.



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