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"If you do not
change direction
you may end up
where you’re going"
- Lao-Tzu -

Fall 2009

Welcome back to your Inbox! School is back in session and the seasons are slowly changing. There is still so much left unattended at my house because of the relaxed summer schedule, and I assume I’ll be getting to it all in the next few weeks, one task at a time. My inbox is one part of my life that is organized and clutter free. The condition of the inbox is a good reflection of the status of a lot of people’s lives.

I have received questions in the past regarding how to keep up with excessive emails, especially from those working a full time job. My inbox gets a good cleaning out nearly every day.

Create subfiles for yourself as they pertain to your job and your activities. Give them simple go-to names to avoid cross filing. Before I read anything I click and drag items to the proper subfiles. If you want to remember to get back to something promptly, leave it unopened so it remains highlighted for a quick find later.

I have created files for my business, various obligations and activities, as well as for my children and their needs. Email and texting has become the communication mode of choice and you don’t want to miss important information nor do you want to delete anything that you might need to reference later.

Cleaning out and organizing your Inbox also correlates to other aspects of your life that might have been pushed aside this summer. Take stock in what has been neglected and tackle this chore in the same manner. Subgroupings and chunking will make whatever task you face seem less daunting and more easily accomplished.

If you have any interesting techniques that you employ to get yourself organized and on track write and let me know. I’d love to use your tip in my next newsletter. The best submission can win an Equilibrium Design tee shirt!

Enjoy the changing colors of the season!

Creatively yours,


1. Crisp white shirts.
2. Cardigans- classic, boyfriend, duster length to belt and go!
3. Big, chunky jewelry-especially gold and burnished black.
4. Lancome Oscillation- Vibrating Infinity Power Mascara-$34.
5. Mixing old and new.
6. Purple everywhere!
7. Details, details, details…in and on everything.
8. 80’s retro is everywhere…love it or leave it….but here it is: Leggings, tunics, booties, bold color with black, big checks and plaids, pointy flats and rushing on everything. My least favorite decade of fashion but it’s slowly warming up to me with the updated looks.

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woven bag

Sisal or coir sea grass rugs are a wonderful way to bring the outside in. Perfect for when you can’t let go of that summertime feeling. They are a natural fiber so they clean up well and also hide it when you can’t. Simple earth tone colors and styles are everywhere. Have you seen Cindy Crawfords new home line at JCPenneys? Cindy has many extremely affordable and chic looking accessories and table settings for home and bath. Use promotion code 33Fall for free shipping on $75.00 or more.

HGTV’s Design on a Dime’s Kristan Cunningham is now associated with Raymour and Flanigan. I had the opportunity to interview her following a promotional event not long ago. She has great style ideas and methods for decorating on a budget with chic pieces to perk up any décor. Visit www.raymourflanigan.com or check out her show on HGTV!

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Sort your summer accessories now for next year; discard shapeless, faded or outgrown swimsuits. Ratty beach towels can bet cut for cleaning rags. Stretched out goggles are useless and so is old sunscreen. Remember the info I shared with you a while back regarding regulations on hand creams, etc. Visit www.pgbeautygroomingscience.com. Sunscreen is pricey but ineffective when out of date. Check your labels and toss. Never skimp on skin protection. Call me to try Arbonne Swiss Skincare Sunscreens, really awesome stuff in every way or visit www.arbonne.com.

Remember when outdoor gardening season is behind you to safely store fertilizers and plant foods for winter. Avoid spills by keeping these dangerous products in sealed containers and out of reach of little ones until next spring.

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Cooperstown, NY - Baseball Fever…Go Phillies!
Washington, DC-History and learning everywhere
The Inn at Leola, Leola, PA (Lancaster County) www.theinnatleolavillage.com/
The Farmers Market at Great Valley, Thursday mornings. 11-2 Penn State Great Valley Campus, lower lot.
HGTV’s Design on a Dime with Kristan Cunningham – great inspirational design ideas! Watch it!
The Amazon Kindle II and
Kindle DS-WOW! Gotta see
it to believe it.

Sigg Bottles-awesome for your workouts and eco-friendly.
Try P90X Beach Body home workout DVD’s to mix it up a bit! Don’t forget Bender Balls, I mentioned these last time, it’s worth a second mention. Your abs new best friend!
People.com app on your Iphone! U up-to-the-minute gossip and fashion at your every beck
and call.

Produce Co-Op’g! Such an amazing idea; these are “cropping” up everywhere!

Bite sized ideas for
green living.


Great ab workout

Amazon.com/Kindle II
For all you avid readers

Gorgeous handmade investment jewelry

Found this while in Stowe. Yummo…

Check out the meditation podcasts

New Green Living web link

Preorder hormone/antibiotic free beef