portraitMiriam Cash, Owner

"No matter what you are doing, keep the undercurrent of happiness. Learn to be secretly happy within your heart in spite of all circumstance."
- Paramahansa Yogananda -

Summer 2008

I hope you enjoy my Newsletters and I do hope that you continue to read them in the future and find inspiration within. Through Equilibrium Design and Consulting I have found great satisfaction in providing useful information to my clients and have decided to assemble this newsletter to extend my reach to others.

To tell you a little about myself and how Equilibrium came to be, I can tell you I have been working towards this goal for many years. I thank each and every one of you who visits my web site and reads my newsletter for supporting and encouraging me to do what I love to do. I have truly found my passion!

While in college I studied art, design, decorating, music and dance. I joined cooking classes to continue to learn more about these things that I so enjoyed.

I was born in October, the sign of the scales... always striving for optimum balance and harmony, cornerstones that embody my personality. I am most comfortable surrounded by beautiful things in my home, at my table, or as part of my wardrobe. I am always mindful of the delicate balance that exists in pleasing the eye and the senses and wish to share this all with you.

After many wonderful years raising my three fabulous sons, I found it the perfect time to balance me! Please continue to learn and grow with me as I share with you the things that bring balance and harmony to my life.

Creatively yours,


Color is in! Be sure to have brights as accent pieces, both in your wardrobe and in your home. Yellow is the it color, cheery and happy! Shop at stores like Old Navy to find the newest trends seen at high end retailers at a fraction of the cost. Buy lots of enamel bangles to pile on in an array of colors if you can't waiver from your neutrals.
By now the A/C is on and you are feeling cooped up again. Make sure to have lots of colorful fresh flowers everywhere bringing the outside in! Small cutting vases, floating blooms and big, robust bouquets can fit in any room and setting. Or purchase an inexpensive bouquet at your grocer, trim leaves and stems, divide it up into smaller containers and enjoy the color!

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Since it's summertime, let's focus our decorating ideas on the outdoors. Whether you have a small patio or an elaborate outdoor retreat there are ways to make these spaces feel homey and welcoming.

Plan on using lots of live plants, both greenery and color. This is a nice time to purchase a few tropicals to create a vacation destination feel. Candles set about create an ambiance for evening entertaining and if placed in small clay pots with colored glass or stones make lovely pathway lights.

Use washable placemats in bright colors on your tables to compliments your plants. Wallhangings are great artwork for the walls. Who says they have to stay inside?! Just be sure they are made of material that can withstand the elements.

If you have space for a fountain, either wallmounted or stationary the sounds of trickling water will lull you into vacation mode quickly! Be creative...and relax it's summertime!

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Summer de cluttering projects tend to focus on yards and sheds. Be proactive from the start and you'll enjoy the fruits of your labor! Keep up with weeds by laying plastic under mulch or spray Round Up at the first sign of growth. To be more efficient in your garden upkeep, go through your shed or workbench and discard any outdated repellent and garden products. Transfer any torn, spilled bags of seed or fertilizer into plastic bins with airtight lids. Store with a plastic scoop/measuring cup for easy use. Keep on a raised shelf if small children are present.

Hang hooks for tools that may be sharp or dangerous. Clean off grass clippings from mowers and spreaders regularly to avoid damaging mechanisms from clogs and creating a mess in your storage area.

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Visit the Kutztown Fair, Aug. 11-16, in Kutztown, PA
Sign up for the American Cancer Society Bike Ride, or just show up and support an event! Visit
www.cancer.org for details.
Attend an outdoor concert with picnic in hand
Paint a flower pot with the kids and fill with either herbs or something
colorful that they can nurture and grow on their own.
See a Broadway Show - In The Heights (13 Tony Nominations) or the revival of South Pacific (11 Tony Nominations!)
Miniature gold charms on
delicate chains

Anything animal-faux skin shoes and bags with chain or emblem adornment
Color, color and more color
Great Pinot Noirs from
New Zealand

Tapas dining-it's everywhere
Anything sunny yellow-find your tone and flaunt it!
Clutches-go for the exaggerated oblong east/west bags
Have you tried disc golf yet?

Order your tickets today!

For more information about racing for the cure.

For kids and parents!

Stylish trends for less

A great link for going green and fair trade items