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"There's always a lot to be thankful for if you take time to look for it. For example, I am sitting here thinking how nice it is that wrinkles don't hurt!"
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Summer 2009

Hi, Friends! I'm thinking about summertime as I write and enjoying the arrival of daily sunshine! Shopping and saving is also on my mind these days and especially during the economic downturn, so I've loaded this newsletter with lots of links and ideas for trying something new, being eco-friendly and saving big. I hope you find the information useful while you entertain and vacation over the next couple of months. Feel free to pass on your Season to Season to a friend if you find something enclosed that might be useful to others. I like the idea of sharing information and getting as many people on board as possible towards making life easier. Below are just a few great web sites for opportunities to save as you go about your day.

Providing online discount codes.
Providing online offers/discounts.
Offering pricing history of items you might be looking for.
For locating the best gas prices in your area.
Great for college students for new and discounted textbooks.
An excellent option for textbook rentals

Pepperidge Farm Outlet
All the goodies you need to pack camp lunches for less.

Colonial Village Market
Offering amazing prices on really delicious cold cuts!

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www.Madimports.org gorgeous hand woven bags as seen in O Magazine.

Pair a trend with a classic to really look chic and up to date.
Gladiator sandals and pumps add a chic and current look to shorts, maxi's and miniskirts. Go a little wild once in a while!
The long scarf is still hot. Try a lighter weight fabric in gauze or silk for a summer look to accent anything from a tank top to a sundress.

Blue anything! Bold anything! Says Stacy and Clinton of What Not To Wear.

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woven bag

Now is the time to think about what you are using around your home that is stressing your bankbook and our environment. How many TV's do you have on at one time? Do you really need to be paying for that Super Deluxe All Inclusive Cable package? Have you switched all your light bulbs to CFL's? Do you push back the curtains and blinds for natural light instead of electricity and insert your screening so you can open the windows?

How about bedding? Take off the down comforter and use a light cotton coverlet instead. You can sleep comfortably with the window open and a gentle breeze! Lighten everything up in your home and move out that heavy winter feeling. That includes window treatments, bedding and towels. My mother always changes her bedding, curtains and rugs every spring and fall. She also slipcovers her heavily upholstered furniture with lightweight, airy fabrics. So much more inviting and comfortable in the heat. Then maybe you won't need that A/C after all! Just a thought.

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Don't forget to clean out your SUV or van when school is out and sports are over. It uses a lot more gas to drag around an overloaded vehicle all year. Take off the Thule if you are not using it now. This too will create drag and use more gasoline. Gas prices are rising, as is typical in the summer; who wants to keep cramming our hard earned dollars down the tank?

Clean out the trunk and all the seat areas. Check the door compartments and seat pockets. This might seem silly but it adds up to clutter and excess. This de cluttering tactic can be applied to many other areas too! Your handbag, briefcase, junk drawers, beach bags, sports bags. Empty, wipe down and clear out! This is so refreshing to do often at every level. When you're done, sit back with a lemon ice-tea and enjoy the long and lazy summer days.

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Carry this list in your wallet for best produce purchases, organic vs. non-you'll always know what's safe to buy at www.foodnews.org.
West Chester Growers Market is back and better than ever! Go to www.westchestergrowersmarket.com for information.
Philadelphia Local Food Growers Guide www.localfoodphilly.org
Snip-It's Kids Haircuttery in Exton. Offering special nights for Autistic children announced throughout the year. This is an amazing service! $5 donation of each cut to SPARC. Also, free Locks of Love cuts!
Turks Head Music Festival, Everhart Park, West Chester, July 19, 2009
Fage Total Greek Yogurt-mix it with fresh fruit chunks some granola or flaxseed and a chocolate syrup drizzle! Yummo!
Target BBQ Sauces by Archer Farms. Try the Hawaiian and Kentucky Styles!
Floral dresses, both muted and abstracts. Very reminiscent of the 80s
Sophie Uliano's new book, The Gorgeously Green Diet
Colgate Wisps portable toothpaste in a brush for a mid day refresher. Perfect for your campers backpack.
Physician's Formula Superfruit Lip Gloss and Organic Eyeliner pencil! 100% free of harsh chemicals, parabens and synthetic preservatives
Sigg H20 bottles, say "no" to plastic.

skin care products galore

great around the house ideas

For kids and parents!

for times table refreshers for your kids this summer!