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"If you wish to experience peace, provide peace for another."
- Tenzin Gyatso -

Winter 2009

Peace to you and to all of my friends, clients and associates. Welcome 2009! I hope that this new year brings only good things to each and every one of you and your families. I had a fall and early winter season that was a bit quiet, but it′s all good. It gave me time for brain storming, some continued education and some time to give attention to Equilibrium′s details. Equilibrium Design and Consulting is now an LLC!

I have been enjoying blogging through my blog, Tending to Details, found at www.designsbyequilibrium.blogspot.com, sharing thoughts and ideas with all who visit and read. I am pleased that my new shopping page is now available on my web site to offer personal service to clients who just need a little guidance and some inspirational ideas. Please visit my web site to learn more about the packages offered with easy PayPal payment options.

Look for the first publication of the new Momspace Philadelphia Magazine due out now! I was thrilled to be asked to be a contributing author for the first edition. Such a useful tool for moms, both working and at home. Also, Equilibrium Design and Consulting can now be found on Facebook.

In the meantime, some things that I am focusing on this winter, and you can too, are my usual chores when tucked inside in wintery weather. My closets, my junk drawers (everybody has junk drawers!) and a home improvement project or two will get my attention until springtime. I′ve found some alternative ideas for space in my home and I am adding walls and shifting rooms a bit. This is a project that has come to fruition as the usage for a playroom has dwindled. Always plan the purpose of your home space with flexibility for future upgrades and accommodations. This project leads to others and, therefore, I will be purchasing more storage containers as I sort through the cedar closet for outgrown clothing and shoes as well as organizing necessities.

If you take this approach after January 1st, you′re winter doldrums won′t be so dull and before you know it, it′s springtime! So here′s to sweet sounds of chirping sparrows!

Creatively yours,

  • Long scarves to double wrap and coordinate with your wardrobe.
  • High waist dress slacks and jeans for the look of mile long legs.
  • Broaches are back again.
  • Fingerless gloves, so cool and extremely functional, especially for busy moms of little ones.
  • Draped layers upon layers of pearls, faux or the real deal.
  • Pale pinks are back for spring.
  • Tarte Enbrightenment t5 lipgloss. A tinted lip gloss with a proprietary blend of a t5 super fruit antioxidant complex known for refining, anti aging and restorative properties on one end and Britesmile tooth whitener on the other end! Amazing! $26 at Sephora.


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Create a home work space. I must confess this is my next at home project. It′s difficult to be productive, whether you are self-employed, job share or just trying to sort the bills without employing serious organizing. Creating a specified task area is imperative to being a good time manager and getting and staying productive.

Storage that is easily accessible and organized is key. Having important tools at your fingertips can save time and expedite projects, leaving more time for leisure interests. Make sure your computer is running efficiently. Do regular virus scans and backup every week. Hit Staples and fill your basket with pencils, pens, erasers, post-its, clips, pads, report covers, rubber stamps that suit your needs, good stationery and postage. Have a go-to spot to keep these related items. Keep your banking information nearby as well. Usually a hanging file can accommodate both your statements and three months of cancelled checks and stubs. Store older items in a Rubbermaid bin in the closet. Remember to mark them clearly with the content. Keep all business card networking information and directories of organizations you are affiliated with in a handy location for quick recommendations and referencing. Join LinkedIn for an online resource of networking. It′s also a good idea to have a few computer links as resources saved in your favorites; such as: mapquest.com, thesaurus.com, babelfish.com, yahoo.com, timeanddate.com, dictionary.com, britannica.com, zip4.usps.com, weather.com and whitepages.com. All great reference points for speed and efficiency.

Caller ID and call waiting should be part of your phone plan if you are running a business from home. You don’t want to miss a great lead or new client. Always have a professional message for them if you can’t answer and return your calls the same day, or soon after. Set aside an hour each morning for returning and making business calls so that you can have focused work hours uninterrupted.

A fountain, pillar candle or low lighting is a nice way to create a mood for a relaxed and calming work environment. Especially if your phone does ring off the hook and you are constantly being disrupted. These features can quickly bring you back to the task at hand in a calming and soothing way.


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Closet time! Use ziplock storage bags and shoe bins to keep seasonal items and shoes stored neatly. Purchase hanging jewelry holders to make your jewels more visible and therefore more useful! Earrings in one, bracelets and necklaces in another.

When using storage bins, label everything very clearly and concisely. This is good for jewelry, scarves, belts, socks, underpinnings, crafts, pins and buttons, markers, etc. Store and label! My creed!


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New York City day trip By bus, train or automobile. Just get there!
While there visit The Guggenheim, The Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum or any TKTS price show!
Or stay close by and visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art with the wonderful Cezanne and Beyond exhibit coming soon. Great indoor activities to while away the hours.
Saving with 6ABC. Check out 6ABC.com web site with Amy Buckman′s link. Great ideas daily for saving your hard earned dollars.
Make snowcream with the kids! See recipe section. Double bonus.
The Amazon Kindle ereader at www.amazon.com
Look Ma, New Hands an awesome hand cream for dry, chapped, wintry hands sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond.
Framed Handbags are back
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