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"The art of living lies less in eliminating our troubles than in growing with them."
- Bernard Baruch -

Winter 2010

Happy 2010 friends! How is everyone doing with their start to a new decade, a new year, a new day? There's nothing to do but look forward to what the year has in store. 2009 was admittedly not the year going down in the record books as anything to wax nostalgic over, but I can say with certainty that I am hoping that with the turn of the calendar, 2010 will prove to be exciting and memorable. The economy is slowly improving and therefore so should our visions for where we would like to see ourselves moving forward.

I have included some interesting and fun information in this newsletter, rather eclectic and hopefully inspiring. I've personally taken on a new adventure and will soon begin attending a mindfulness meditation workshop series. I am finding that as organized as I am, dealing with unexpected stressors and having the proverbial wrench thrown at me time and again, I need to reach to a new level of self-awareness and calm.

Meditation is always a positive thing to include in your life. You can find many wonderful downloads on itunes.com for at home meditation and locally more and more guided meditation classes are popping up. If you try something new this year write and let me know what you are doing and how it is influencing your life. I'd love for you to share. Here's to a blissful new year for all!

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For winter boots abound! All styles and especially colors! Have you seen the new Fryes in jellybean hues of pink, orange and purple? Cowboy, biker, slouched, ankle, bootie and over the knee are everywhere. Change your boot to match your mood! Also try the new matt nail colors, really awesome and chic. Polished purple strapless dresses are on all the stars in the style sections. It's a "Do"! And my favorite look ever is piles of pendants. Abstract designs and textures of ribbon, metal and gems...love this look! Give it a try! Finally, check out mzwallace.com for the greatest bags ever. I own one myself and it was one of my best investments. See them rave about their versatility and carrying capacity in the magazines. One of my other favs this season are texting gloves. Not just for the ease of which you can text with the thumbless feature (never while driving!) but for their cool factor and mostly for the convenience for busy moms who do so much and are constantly losing gloves while buckling car seats, strollers, opening juice boxes, etc. Try Urban Outfitters and J. Crew to find your favorites.

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Sustainable decor, find it everywhere now. Bamboo bedding and bath linens are heavenly! Anything they make in bamboo, I'll buy! Bamboo socks are too good to be true! Visit greenearthbamboo.com for all your eco-friendly bamboo shopping needs.

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Work on your biggest storage issues such as linen closet, coat closet or craft closet. Pantries need love too! This one was a big accomplishment for me!

When complete fill it with Rachel Ray's must have pantry items to be ready for any meal any time. Visit Rachelray.com then search "What to keep in your kitchen". This is a great list!

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Byers Factory Tour-Chalfont, PA.
This Is It - Michael Jackson DVD-Awe-inspiring.
P90X-Great New Years workout resolution.
Super Horoscope by Berkeley Publishing. Guidance for the day ahead or thoughts to ponder afterwards.
The film the Blind Side - Two words: See it!
Tubing Mascara by Sensai, sold at Neiman Marcus, $23.
Tweeting on Twitter-are you?
Over the knee boots, can you handle it?
Gray nail polish, all the rage-OPI's "You Don't Know Jacques".
Sigg Bottles-another way to do your part.

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