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"The thing that is really hard, and
really amazing,
is giving up on
being perfect and beginning the
work of becoming yourself."
- Anna Quindlen -

Winter 2011

A loop of the lyrics..."baby it's cold outside".. is running constantly through my head! So while you're huddled up indoors like I am, keeping warm and waiting for spring, I thought I'd share some inspirations with you. I don't mind the cold, usually. It's invigorating work shoveling and getting in a little cardio and it's even better when I can come inside and light a fire and enjoy some quiet time. Even makes folding laundry a little more enjoyable when I'm fireside with a cup of coffee and a new OWN TV program on the tube.

It's almost February and the last few weeks of winter will surely fly by, what with all the closet clean out I have in store for myself, then I'll be thinking spring and outdoor cleanup. Right now I'm freshening things up a bit in and around my house. Moving items I might be tired of looking at, changing up the pillows, rearranging artwork...

Before I begin, I am going to enjoy this mornings' school delay and gaze outside at the beauty of nature's snowfall. I'm trying not to let the delay ruin my day seeing as how my entire morning schedule is being revamped, but take the shift in stride and ease into my weekend a little more relaxed. Breathe...ahhhh...

As always, thanks for reading. I hope the enclosed is useful information for you!

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1. Leather Bike Jackets.
2. Wood clogs...with fur!
3. Sweater dresses.
4. Athleta-awesome workout to streetwear.
5. Romance styles, lots of lace.
6. Stella and Dot's new Revival Tassle necklace.

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woven bag

Decorating has certainly become more minimal and less fussy. I love what I see in the home magazines and I aspire to this but somehow can't commit fully. I feel most at home when surrounded by things I love; beautiful pieces that make me smile and lend a personal touch to my home. Minimal design is fresh, clean and modern. If this is the look you yearn for but still want a little personal flare, take away all the clutter and live with it for a couple of days. Add back in a few items here or there. Better yet, move them to different locations in the home for a fresh look. If a floral arrangement needs freshening up, maybe switch up the container. Or use a piece usually reserved as a bookend for a new coffee table piece with some colorful silks or dried pieces. Think outside the box and get creative with what you have.

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In my January Organize This column I focused on closet cleanup. Winter is the perfect time to delve into a chore such as this. With long, dark days stuck inside and a little free time on our hands, why put it off a minute longer? Try to get through every closet this winter. It seems daunting, I know, but you'll be so glad you did. One of my favorite suggestions for closet decluttering is to hold a Clothing Swap. Either serve up coffee or cosmos and invite your friends and neighbors. Clean and fold the items you will be offering and your friends will do the same. Anything you don't need or wear can be repurposed to a new home where possibly someone else has a use for it, even if you don't! Try holding one this winter and see how much fun you can have "shopping" for free!

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OWN - Oprahs' Network of
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Meditation classes - Nancy Gentle Boudrie @ Awaken with Light.
Tap Class at Brandywine YMCA. Get your gams summer ready!
Temptu airbrush foundation system.
Hunter Wellies...with cuffed liners.
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