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"Year by year the complexities of this spinning world grow more bewildering and so each year we need all the more to seek peace and comfort in the joyful simplicities."
- Women's Home
Companion 1935

Winter 2012

I don't know about you but if you ask me, I think the new year of 2012 has started off smashingly and I anticipate the rest of the year to be more of the same! Can we complain much about the mild winter temps to date? I know that we were hit at Halloween with a little ditty of a trick requiring snowy paths to be navigated by the little ghosts and goblins, but otherwise, not too bad so far!
I think the milder temperatures have kept my energy level high and I have been oh, so productive in successfully tackling and completing my winter tasks. How about you?

I also know that springtime is almost around the corner so with that, let me fill you in on some of the tidbits that have caught my attention to share with you all; some for now, some for later.

I hope you are encouraged and productive and also looking forward to the new colors of spring, inside and out!

Creatively yours,


Rich lux - crimson, cabernet, velvets, lace,
      sequins and sparkle.
2. Fur collars and cuffs, boot cuffs and trims.
3. High waisted/wide leg pants.

1. Brights and neons.
2. Stripes - wide, narrow, vertical, horizontal
      on just about every wearable item.
3. Pleated skirts.

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maxi skirt

You will find stripes here as well! Horizontal on the wall is new and fresh. Toss pillows, table skirts, window treatments, etc. Bold bright colors are appearing here too. If the entire palate isn't fresh and bright the neutral setting is set off with a splash of, say, emerald green, violet or yellow! WOW! I'm loving the look, but it's not for everyone. Start with accents such as pillows, vases and artwork. Simple lines with tans and beiges will create a comfortable look and the color accent will bring it to current! Good luck!

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At this time of the year I just toss, sort and toss some more. Go through every nook and cranny where you've been stuffing things just to get them out of sight and sort, label, box and definitely throw out what you really don't need. Declutter your home and you declutter your head, your heart and your life creating a fresh new start for 2012!

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Oprah's Lifeclass on OWN.
The Spa at Bear Creek
Mountain Resort.
JosephJoseph folding
cutting board.
The Sweet Potato
Queen book series.
Snapfish photo books.
EDC's new Square account! Charge it!
Kindle Fire
Polar Bear adoption @ www.defenders.org
Trader Joe's sea salt caramels.
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