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Special Men’s Edition-Season to Season

Due to special requests, this issue of Season to Season is for the men in your lives. If you prefer, feel free to delete. Otherwise, could you please print or forward this email to your husbands or significant others as a special treat? Don’t let them unsubscribe you though, you’ll want to continue to receive S2S in future editions.

Guys, this edition of Season to Season is just for you! I have received special requests to provide a Newsletter featured exclusively for my male readers. I am thrilled and inspired to do so just in time for Valentine’s Day. I so appreciate the positive feedback and the interest. I hope what I have included in this Season to Season special edition is useful for you. And please, continue to provide feedback or suggestions towards future editions. I always strive to improve my services to my clients.


Some nice ways to wind down and distress are so simply obvious we don’t think of them ourselves. Take your dog for a walk, just you and Fido. Play a round of indoor golf and practice your swing. Spa treatments are not just for women, a massage or facial will take the stress away for more than the hour! Hey, if you ask your wife to administer it, it just might lead to something! Day trips with friends to AC or NY for a guys’ night out which does not have to involve excessive alcohol and four letter words can break the stress cycle.


Weight resistance training helps guys look good and feel good. Strength training reduces early signs of arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity and depression. It also improves balance reducing the chance of falls and broken bones. Improved strength also benefits range of motion and flexibility. Isolate each body part, alternating your workout days with cardio days. Do shoulders, lats, triceps and biceps and add in your squats and lunges. Whatever muscle group you work be sure to work the opposing muscle group that day. Do the upper body routine one day, lower body the next with a cardio day of choice in between. The new Bender Ball workout is a great high results ab workout, so compact and easy to inflate it can travel in your business suitcase with you! Strength training workouts are found to keep glucose levels lower and maintain a better state of mind, maintain weight and continue to burn calories long after the workout is over. Strength training is the only workout you can do to make muscles strong.

Another tried and true tip; do exactly what they’ve recommended for years, simple yet effective: take the stairs as often as possible. Park your car across the lot at work and walk, rain or shine. You should strive for 10,000 steps a day! Is that happening? If not, get busy! It’s really not as difficult as you might think. Clip a pedometer onto your belt loop under your jacket.

For a good cardio workout try the elliptical machine set at 30-40% resistance for45 minutes to start. This workout brings you about 5 miles (lots of steps towards that daily goal) and tons of calories burnt! You can listen to your iPod, catch up on the news or read a book. Take a tip from the women and multitask; time flies! Try cycling, enjoy an indoor spin classes or ride with a local cycling club in the spring.

In addition to cycling or jogging for cardio, walking and swimming are two great low impact exercises which builds heart health, lung health and endurance. Other benefits are improved sleep quality and increased aerobic capacity.


Multi vitamins are essential as we all eat on the run with our busy lives. One on my favs list is Chromega, found at health food stores. Chromega is an excellent Omega 3 pudding like supplement if you don’t get enough natural omega 3’s. It does not leave a fishy aftertaste. Take extra E for eye health and a B complex for cell metabolism. Get your Vitamin, D (good old fashioned sunshine) and Vitamin E, natural sources being nuts, oils, and nonfat milk. Keep your sugar intake low and always monitor your HDL/LDLs. Be sure you get the dreaded prostate exam once you’ve turned 50; it’s vital to managing your prostate health.

The most important issues that face men approaching 50 are good heart health which correlates to, among other things, good prostate health. Regular exercise is critical. Excessive calorie intake can be found to contribute to prostate cancer. Also be aware to avoid a high calcium diet which has been suspected to stimulate prostate cancer.

A Southern Mediterranean Diet is ideal. In eating the Mediterranean diet you should include a diet high in green tea, soy, vegetables, fish and, of course, should be low in fat. Fresh fruits, garlic, tomatoes, red wine and olive oils are things we are generally good at including in our diets as we know of their positive advantages. Keep your diet low in red meat and reduce intake of animal fats. Also read labels to avoid trans fats. Increase your cold water fish consumption. Many good sources for your omega 3 are salmon, mackerel, sardines and trout. Enjoy these flavorful fishes poached, baked or grilled two to three times a week.

Avoid high salt intake and preserved foods-this is not news but good to be reminded. Also increase your C’s from citrus, berries, spinach and mango. That’ll do for some additions to the daily food pyramid.

Resveratrol is a newly found component of Red Wines known to contain antioxidants. Be sure to get your antioxidants from healthy foods instead of supplements of antioxidants which have been suspected to be harmful in high doses. The FDA does not regulate supplements the same way they do medications. Make sure to tell your doctor what supplements you take regularly or ask questions if you’re not sure what you should be adding to your list of dailies. Resveratrol is being found to support heart health, aid against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease. It is a good addition to care and maintenance of the eyes, brain, joints, arteries, lungs, prostate and nervous system thus controlling aging suggests Dr. David Sinclair, of Harvard.


∗ Before you begin any new exercise program or vitamin regimen, please consult your physician.

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Biggest turn on? LISTEN to your wife, talk to her, plan an evening for her, follow up and take charge. Make the reservations, hire the sitter, you know what to do! And not just on Valentines Day, mind you! Take her to the movie SHE wants to see! It doesn’t have to be a “chick flick” just no blood and gore! Dinner doesn’t have to be pricey, the fact that you’ve taken the time to think of doing something nice for her is priceless.

Be there for her when she needs you, and even when she doesn’t realize that she does. Just to listen, to pat her on the back or to hold her hand. These simple human gestures will endear your wife to you and rekindle that spark you had way back when you were dating.


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Reconnect with friends from high school, college and previous employment. Create a professional page-great for networking.

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