Gift Certificates
Do you or someone you care about desire inspiration and personal guidance in your home, life or style? Then an Equilibrium Gift Card is the perfect gift! This gift will enlighten the recipient and help them take steps in creating a life of comfort and style. Imagine having a personal shopping consultation, a kitchen reorganization or even a family menu plan! Whether you or someone you know is disorganized or just needs a "face lift" for one of their rooms, an Equilibrium Gift Certificate is right for you.

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One Hour phone consultation with design plan: $200
Bring Harmony into your wardrobe, decor, or pantry with a personal shopping outline, a room redesign or menus for your family. This is also a great gift for someone hosting a party! After our initial conversation, A plan will be created to help you reach your goals . This easy to follow plan will involve a final project notebook with photos, instructions and an outline of suggestions. We will then discuss and implement your plan and I will answer any questions you may have with a follow up call.

One Hour phone consultation with a return wrap-up call: $125
Create Balance in your life whether it's with menu or decor, shopping or organizing. This option will involve an initial consultation in which I will present preliminary ideas and help to define your goals. After the initial conversation I will gather some information to help you create your plan of action. We will then have a wrap-up conversation to implement our plan and inspire your creativity!


One Hour phone consultation: $75
This package offers you Inspiration for gift ideas, menu planning, wardrobe recommendations, home project advice, or any other service Equilibrium Design offers.
Please forward any photographs that you feel would be helpful towards the consultation process to
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